Headquarters Office,

Baroda House,

New Delhi

No: 752-E/163-Pt.XXVIII/ASTE/30%/Eia                                                    Dt:  05  .04.2007.

The CSTE, CSTE/Project/HQ

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      Sub:  Selection for promotion from Group’C’ to Group’B’ to the post of ASTE/ NR against 30% quota   vacancies for the formation for assessment period for the year 2006 –2008( 01/04/2006-31/03/2008)  in the Signal and Telecommunication Department/NR.



1.      It has been decided to hold selection for promotion from Group C to Group B service in the Signal & Telecommunication department as ASTE against 30% quota vacancies for the assessment period 01.04.2006 – 31.03.2008 to form a panel of 10 vacancies, out of which 01 post is reserved for SC community candidates and 01 for ST community candidates & remaining posts are Unreserved.. It is hereby made amply clear to the candidates that their finding place on the provisional panel and their promotion to the post of ASTE shall be subject to the final out come of the CWPs Nos: 403/(SB)/2002 and 1322/(SB) 2002 pending before the Hon’ble High Court/LKO bench .

2.      Accordingly, applications from the eligible Group’ C’ staff( excluding Ministerial Staff) of Signal and Telecommunication Department are hereby invited for selection through Limited Departmental Competitive Examination against 30% LDCE quota vacancies for filling up 10 vacancies of ASTE/N.Rly for the assessment period 01-04-2006 – 31-03-2008 distribution of which is detailed above.


ELIGIBILITY (AS ON 01.04.2006)


3.                              All Group C employees (excluding Ministerial staff) working /holding lien in Signal & Telecommunication department of Northern Railway and holding posts in the grade minimum of which is Rs. 5000/- or in higher Group ‘C’ Grades with 05 years Non Fortuitous service in present seniority units as on 01-04-2006 are eligible to appear in the above Limited Departmental Competitive Examination. It is stated that no adhoc service will be counted for computing the eligibility as on 01-04-2006 for the purpose of above selection.


                                                                                       Contd.,… 2…….




4                                            In terms of instructions contained in P.S. No. 8208, such candidates, who fulfil the requisite conditions of eligibility i.e. 05 years Non Fortuitous service in present seniority unit as on 01-04-2006 including Apprenticeship / Training period in Grade 5000-8000(RSRP) and above are also eligible to appear in the above LDCE Selection.




5.                        Applicants, who fulfil the above conditions of eligibility , may submit their applications to their respective ‘Personnel Branch’ of their Divisional /Unit office in the enclosed proforma, marked as Annexure-A, latest by 30-04-2007.


4.                              The applications of the eligible staff working in the signal & Telecommunication Department only (excluding Ministerial staff) and who are willing to appear in the selection , are to be scrutinised by the respective ‘Personnel Branch’ and their eligibility for appearing in the present LDCE selection may be verified and  applications only of those candidates who fulfil the eligibility conditions , on the basis of service records available in the Division/Units, on the prescribed proforma may be forwarded to this office.



5.                              After scrutiny and verification of the eligibility of the applications, for the above LDCE selection by the personnel Department of the Division/Units/Workshop concerned, the applications along with consolidated list of eligible candidates , including their details service particulars may be sent to this office in a D.O. cover with the inscriptions on the cover” APPLICATIONS FOR ASTE 30% LDCE QUOTA” through special massager to DY. CPO/Gaztted, H.Q office, Baroda House NDLS, latest by 15-05-2007 positively. Each application and the consolidated list of service particulars should be signed by Sr. DPO/DPO concerned or office in charge of establishment matters in extra Divisional units, who are required to record a certificate on the consolidated list as mentioned  above to the following effect:-


      “Certified that service particulars of all staff / candidates on the enclosed applications have been checked from the entries in the eservice record and found correct. Only Non Fortuitous service has been counted for the purpose of eligibility. They are eligible to appear in the Selection of ASTE against 30% LDCE quota vacancies.”


8                                The applications either sent direct by the staff/ candidates or forwarded by

Other than Personnel Branch /establishment in charge or received late i.e after 15-05-2007, will not be entertained.




1)                       The selection will comprise of Written Test (two Papers) followed by viva voce. Only those who qualify the written test and pass the prescribed standard of medical examination as detailed  in PS No. 10517 and Railway Board’s letter No. 99/H/5/3 dt. 21-05-1999 and 18-12-2000, circulated under this office letter No. 807-E/473/Pt.VII/EIA dated 11-12-2001 will be called for the viva voce. The provisions as laid down in Para 529 and 530 read with Para 503 of IRME-Vol.-I, 3rd edition -2000, are also referred to.





Contd.  Page 3……








2)                                All the SC/ST Candidates who apply and fulfil the eligibility conditions for the selection to the post of ASTE may be given Pre- Selection coaching as per extent Rules. However, their appearance in the selection will be subject to the final scrutiny at Head Quarter level. The final list of the candidates will be circulated in the cue course of time. The schedule of Training to be followed in this regard may be sent to this office for official record. Un willingness of SC/ST candidates for training , if any may be obtained in writing and sent to this office in original through special massager, well in time before the date of written examination.


3)                                         The staff / candidates, who are on deputation with other department / Ministries and are eligible, must be informed of the selection well in time by the office concerned from where they proceeded on deputation. Their applications also must be routed through Personnel Department of their parent cadre.


12.               There is no PROVISION OF HOLDING SUPPLEMENTRY WRITTEN TEST for selection against 30% LDCE Quota vacancies.


13.             It may please be ensured that wide publicity to this notification is given amongst the staff working under you, so as to enable the eligible candidates to apply for appearing in the aforesaid selection well in time.




DA/Annexure- A


                                                                                                   (R.S. Rawat)

                                                                                          For General Manager (P)



Copy for information & necessary action to:-

1.      PS/CPO for kind information of CPO/NR.

2.      Secy to CSTE./Dy CSTE/HQ

3.      PS/CSTE/HQ          

4.      APO (G)II/HQ.

5.      The Sr. Manager/Printing Press , Northern Railway , SSB for immediate publication in the Northern Railway Gazett.

6.      General Secy/ NRPOA/HQ/New Delhi.








                                                                                                Cont. page 4…….







Selection for Group B post of ASTE/NR against 30% LDCE quota vacancies for the assessment year 01-04-200631-03-2008.


1.    Name (with full initials in block letters)                         :


2.    Father’s Name.                                                                           :


3.    Present Designation.                                                                  :


4.    Holding Lien on Divn/Rly’s                                                        :


5.    Station of posting / Division /Rly’s                                            :


6.    Date of Birth                                                                               :


7.    Category (SC/ST/UR)                                                                 :


8.    Qualification                                                                                :


9.    Date of initial appointment in Rly’s with Desig / Gd.               :


10.  Date of regular appointment in Grade Rs. 5000-8000(RPS)

       (Adhoc service not to be counted)                                              :


11.  Length of non- fortuitous service in Grade Rs. 5000-8000

       (RSRP) as on 01-04-2006.                                                          :


12.  Date of regular promotions:



D.O.P on regular basis


Length of Service


Y.            M.              D.














Certificate from the applicant:


I, hereby certify;

a)  That the position given above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and I am, responsible for the position / particulars furnished above. No adhoc service has been included while calculating the non- fortuitous service in grade

Rs. 5000-8000(RSRP) .


                                                                        Signature of the applicant/candidate

                                                                        Name ……………………………….




                                                                                     Contd.  Page 5……..






Certificate to be recorded by the respective Personnel Branch officer who verified the service particulars of the applicant from the service record available in his office:


1.                     It is certified that above service particulars of Shri………………S/O Sh………… working on Northern Railway have been checked and verified from the service record available in my office and have been found correct.


2.                                          Shri…………….S/O Sh……………… fulfils the general conditions of eligibility as on 01-04-2006 as circulated vide GM(P) /NR/HQ office, Baroda House L.No. 752-E/163-Pt. 28/30%/ASTE/EIA dated…………….


3.                     It is certified that no adhoc or fortuitous service has been taken into account for counting the eligibility of 05 years service as on 01-04-2006 in Grade Rs. 5000-8000(RSRP) and in higher grade.







































            I have gone through the contents of GM/P/NR/Hd.Qrs.Office, Baroda House, New Delhi’s letter No: No: 752-E/163-Pt.26/ASTE/70%/Eia dt: 00.00.2005. I hereby submit my willingness/unwillingness (strike out which is not applicable) to appear in the selection for promotion from Group’C’ to Group’B’ to the post of ASTE against 70% quota vacancies, the panel of which is provisional, subject to the final out come of the CWPs Nos: 403/(SB)/2002 and 1322/(SB) 2002 pending before the Hon’ble High Court/LKO bench














































I, _____________________, S/o Shri________________, do hereby declare that I have gone through the instructions as contained in item Nos; 01 & 09 of GM/P/NR/BH, New Delhi’s letter No: 752-E/163-Pt.26/ASTE/70%/Eia dt: 00.05.2005 and


i.                      that my finding place on the provisional panel and promotion to the post of ASTE shall be subject to the final out come of the CWPs Nos: 403/(SB)/2002 and 1322/(SB) 2002 pending before the Hon’ble High Court/LKO Bench and in case the said CWPs filed by the Admn. are dismissed I shall be liable to be reverted to Group’C’ with all consequential effects there of.





Name of the employee_______________











Sh._________________________ working as __________ and appearing at item

No: of General Manager/P/NR/Head.Qrs.Office, Baroda House, NDLI’s letter No: 752-E/163-Pt.26/ASTE/70%/Eia dt: 00.00.2005, whose specimen signatures are appended here above, on submitting his willingness to appear in the present selection, is here by directed to NR/Hd.Qrs.Office, Baroda House New Delhi, to appear in the written test for ‘Provisional’ selection to the post of ASTE against 70% quota vacancies, scheduled to be held on 00.00.2005.



                                                                                                  Signature                                                                                             Name of the officer incharge                                         Designation/Seal














                        Sub:     Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for filling 25%                                       vacancies in Group-B Service in Signal & Telecommunication                                               Department – Revised Syllabus on Professional papers.


                        Please refer to this Ministry’s letter of even number dated 22.11.79 enclosing syllabus for the papers on professional subjects for filling 25% vacancies in Group-B service in the Signal & Telecommunication Department. It has been represented that the syllabus is not specific and the topics for the examinations have not been elaborated. The matter has therefore been reviewed and a revised syllabus for the two papers on professional subjects, duly approved by Board, is sent herewith for guidance.


                        The syllabus may be circulated for the benefit of the staff.


                        Please acknowledge receipt.



Maximum Marks – 100                                                                                    Time – 3 Hours


                        NOTE:            Total six questions to be answered – Three in Part-‘A’ and Three                                              in Part-‘B’ Four questions to be set in each part and three out of                                       four to be answered.



                        General and Subsidiary Rules as applied to Railway operations, signalling and works connected with signalling and P.Way; Special reference as applied to automatic signalling and APB working; Rules for opening of a Railway with special reference to standards of interlocking at wayside stations, provision of signals at level crossing gates and outlying sidings; rules for working of outlying sidings with & without token control on single line; catch and slip sidings. Signal Engineering Manual with special reference to various requirements of block working, provision of signalling and interlocking; inspections to be carried out by officers and subordinates etc. Telecommunication Engineering Manual with reference to various types of line wire circuits and wireless circuits. Departmentally owned Telecommunication alignments; various parameters valid for Copper, AGSR and G.I. wires and their limitations; improvement to communication circuits by patching with other carrier circuits, procedures for indenting of stores for revenue and works, imprest stores, Stock sheets and other matters connected with goods store keeping practices; Block Working Manual, with regard to requirements of token and tokenless instruments on single line and double line instruments. Schedule of dimensions and operating manual with special reference to infringements. Operations as affecting or guided by better Signalling and Telecommunication arrangements.


                        Fundamental Engineering and applied technology; simple machinery like inclined plane, pulley blocks, travelling trollies, machines which aid in reduction of time and labour in installation of various signalling gears; Principle of magnetism and electricity as affecting the operation of signalling equipments like Relays – both AC and DC, Point Machines, Signal Reversers, Signal Machines etc. Fundamental electronics with special reference to power supply and stabilisation of power supply equipments. Simple digital circuits as required for digital clocks, Axle Counters etc. Heat engines and standby Diesel Generators with manual starting, electric starter and automatic starter. A.C. to D.C. converters, D.C. to A.C. invertors and D.C. to D.C. converters as power supply sources in Signalling and Telecommunication. Special measures required for Telecommunication power supply to reduce noise. Power supply distribution for signalling schemes with reference to voltage drop, size of cables etc.



Maximum Marks – 100                                                                                    Time – 3 Hours


                        NOTE:            Total 6 questions to be answered. Four questions to be provided                                               in each of the three parts ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’. Three questions to be                                         answered from any one part and three from any of the other two                                              parts.



(i)                  Mechanical Signalling with special reference to provision of rod and wire compensators, double wire operation of points; detectors and signals. Temperature compensation in both Orthodox and double wire Signalling. Various aspects of lever frames and methods of looking achieved.

(ii)                Basic principles of electrical interlocking with reference to track locking, back locking, approach locking, sectional route release and sequential locking.

(iii)               Track Circuits both DC and AC;  Axle Counters as substitute for Track Circuits.

(iv)              Interlocking plans, locking tables and selection circuits.

(v)                Types of Point Machines with their special features including operating, control and detection circuits. Block Circuits for Token, Tokenless and Double Line Instruments, Direction Lever Working with Track Circuits and Axle Counters for single line sections, APB Signalling and intermediate block signalling.

(vi)              Automatic Signalling, Detailed Circuit operation for AC and DC Traction areas including cascading circuits.

(vii)             Simple Panel Interlocking, using metal to carbon Relays and metal to metal Relays.

(viii)           Route Relay Interlocking, Electronics Track Circuits, Automatic Warning System, Centralised Traffic Control.]

(ix)              Special features of Signalling in AC Traction Areas.



            Overhead line wire, underground cable system. Special armatures of circuits in 25 KV traction areas. 2 wire to wire circuits. Conversion of 4 wire to 2 wire and 2 wire to 4 wire circuits. Control office and wayside station equipment of different types, emergency control communication equipments. Telephone Exchanges of PAX, PBX, MAX-II and MAX-I types. Trunk Exchanges of various types. Telegraphy-Horse, teleprinter circuits. Derivation of Telegraphic Channels through S+DX and VFT. Multiplexing equipments, derivation of channels by frequency translation using sub-groups, basic groups and super groups. HF-SSB Communication; multi-channel communication using VHF, UHF, Microwave Systems using Audio Relay methods, signal to noise ratio and fading.




(i)                  Workshop practice – Raw materials, processing, workshop machines and their utilisation. Quality control. Overhauling procedures and practices – Inspection, stage and final and testing.

(ii)                Prime Movers.

(iii)               Manufacture of Axle Counters – details – components – testing procedure – commissioning and measurements.

(iv)              Repairs and testing of HF Transmitter, microwave trans-receiver, ultra sonic flaw detectors, automatic warning system.

(v)                Overhauling of Relays – requirement – procedure – methodology etc.